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  • Box of 20 cartridges
  • Made in Czech Republic

MICRON PRO CARTRIDGE SYSTEM - premium quality cartridges from a Czech tattoo equipment manufacturer.

What are they made of?

The needle is medical steel or, as it is also called stainless surgical steel 316L, a modern material that has high anti-corrosion properties due to the addition of a large percentage of nickel and chromium to the alloy, and 2.5% molybdenum provides a high percentage of protection against aggressive environments: household chemicals , to the action of sea water and the sun. Even after mechanical or chemical damage, it quickly returns to its former appearance, and the anti-corrosion properties of the metal remain unchanged. All medical steel materials are the safest for human health.

The body is made of plastic, which is used in the field of medical care, it is completely safe for humans. It is non-toxic, and polymer compounds are not able to penetrate into the body and accumulate there. Special standards have been developed to control these indicators. To impart antiseptic properties to plastics, special additives are used: organic tin compounds, mercaptans, sodium fluorosilicon, tetracycline, nisin, metal ions. The content of such substances in the composition of polymers does not exceed hundredths of a percent. We conclude that the composition of MICRON PRO CARTRIDGE SYSTEM cartridges is the safest, most practical and harmless to humans.


  • Needle stabilization system guarantees optimal performance
  • Correct needle feed protects the machine from pigment ingress
  • Friction between needle and tip is minimal, this keeps the needles sharp longer
  • The membrane prevents paint and biomaterials from entering the motor, ensuring the machine's operability and customer safety
  • Each cartridge is gas sterilized and individually packaged

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MICRON PRO 25-1rrlt Cartridge

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