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AS company Remover is a cosmetic cream-like remedy of a whitecolour. Used for removal (whitening) of permanent makeup, microblading (eyebrows, lips, eyelids –edge lining and shading), tattoo. Removes pigments of any colour and saturation by extracting dye from the skin.

Special Box by Alina Shakhova includes the following products:

  • Remover AS company
  • Pigment thinner MAGIC WATER
  • AS company Cream for the care of permanent make-up and tattoo
  • Free educational video tutorial

Volume: 3 ml.
Absolute contraindications: decompensated forms of diabetes mellitus; severe diseases of internal organs, liver and kidney failure; any chronic diseases during an exacerbation; increased body temperature; the tendency of the skin to form keloid scars; progressive stage of psoriasis, psoriatic eruptions on the face; severe immunodeficiency states, HIV; hemophilia and other diseases, accompanied by a decrease in blood clotting; epilepsy, increased convulsive readiness; severe mental disorders; alcoholic and drug intoxication.

Special Box – AS company remover

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