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Pigment for permanent makeup TM AS-Company by Alina Shakhova M1 Blond, Brow Mineral (eyebrow pigment).

AS COMPANY presents a new, perfect product on the permanent make-up market, premium grade mineral pigments. Predictable results, consistent shade, uniform color distribution are a priority in the development of mineral pigments. ...

The pigments are based on premium raw materials formulated to enhance color depth and create a rich, eye-catching hue.


  • Pigment should be applied at a low speed (4.0-6.0). Add a drop of thinner for poor pigment styling. Work slowly, working through each highly layered area. Approximately 4-5 passes. To create a gradient, beam needles are used, and the rest is worked out with one unit.
  • We recommend using needles for work: 1RLLT (all types), 3RSLT, 3RLLT, 5RLLT, 5RSLT, 5SEMLT, 7SEMLT, 9SEMLT.
  • The dye contains 90% of the dry fraction of the pigment and 10% of the liquid fraction. This allows rapid penetration of the pigment into the skin.
  • Mineral pigments leave the body without changing the color shade, after 1.5-2 years.
  • Yellow base. Light brown pigment, the most neutral, pale shade for blonde girls with vellus hair. When healed, it becomes neutral in color. Can be used neat.
  • For use on the skin: cold, warm.
  • Mineral pigments go to almost zero after 1.5-2 years. Over time, the socks gradually fade.
  • Apply to hair color: blond, dark-haired, light-haired, brown-haired.
  • Shade: Blond
  • Drops in a bottle: 350 drops, (number of procedures 35).
  • Remainder: 40% to 70%.
  • Consistency: thick.
  • Volume: 10 ml.
  • The unique vacuum package with a dispenser allows the use of pigments completely, without any leftovers in the bottle.
  • Thinner can be added to make the consistency thinner and reduce the color concentration.
  • Combination: independent pigment. Allowed in combination with neutral and cold pigments.
  • Technique: hair method, powder, hand.

Attention! Shake for 30 seconds before use. Depending on the individual characteristics of the organism, the color rendition of the shade in the skin may vary.

IMPORTANT! Storage method from 10 degrees to 30 degrees. When frozen or heated, the chemical composition changes. Strictly observe the storage method.

No guarantee and no return.

M1 Blond 10ml, Brow Mineral TM AS-Company

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