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Who are we  ?

Pigments et Co is an e-commerce of selected aesthetic products which is part of the BLACKLINESTUDIO group whose president is a young woman of Russian origin. It all started in 1985 in Siberia, where Yulia Emel'yanova, future founder of this group was born. Thirty years later, having a good job in the office in the south of France, she does not feel fulfilled ... Sensitive to beauty, aesthetics and fashion, in 2018 Yulia makes a radical decision - to follow her passion.


She returned to Russia for her permanent makeup training in one of the best brands in the world to return to her home in France with inspiration and her first dermograph machine. It was like setting everything to zero - all savings were invested with no guarantee of success. A few months later, Yulia created her Instagram profile and opened her small permanent makeup firm, Black Line Studio.


Her training does not end there, on the contrary - Yulia has developed a taste for the profession. It was the moment when she felt her passion IS her calling.


Yulia and her first team are on top of things and it starts at 200 km / h - improvements, masterclasses, practices on different machines and pigments, management of the most complicated cases and finally the first students.


In 2019 Yulia officially presents AS PIGMENTS on the French market and becomes the AS PIGMENTS FRANCE ambassador. Yulia continues to practice, train, develop and share her knowledge.


In September 2021 his group BLACKLINESTUDIO includes his dermopigmentation practice "Blacklinestudio" its training and e-learning center and its e-commerce Pigments et Co, of which we are very proud.


This e-commerce is not a simple showcase - it is the door in our community of fulfilled professionals, who seek innovation and quality. Who share his knowledge. We're even closer now. And that's just the beginning.




The Pigments and Co.

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