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Finance your training thanks to the FAFCEA
The mission of FAFCEA and your representatives

As an association under the 1901 law, the FAFCEA contributes to the development of continuing vocational training for heads of craft businesses, their collaborating spouses or partners, their family auxiliaries. It promotes their access to training, by supporting funding.
Business leaders, it is the elected representatives of the professional organizations in your sectors of activity who define the priorities and means of training, taking your needs into account.
These decisions are validated by the FAFCEA Board of Directors.

  • Heads of (individual) craft businesses.

  • The directors of a company, if the latter

    • is listed in the Directory of Trades

    • and in the Trade and Companies Register and if they are affiliated to the scheme for self-employed workers.

  • Spouses collaborators or partners in the craft business of their spouse.

  • Family auxiliaries.

Your rights, your advantages and the steps of your project

Subject to its admissibility, all or part of your training is covered. Do not hesitate to get information from the professional organizations in your sector who will advise you in defining your training needs, on the criteria for choosing training providers and in preparing your request for support.

You want to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of your business, continuing education allows you to carry out your projects by developing your skills.
The FAFCEA supports your approach by financing all or part of your training according to the financing priorities and conditions of support defined by its board of directors.

  • You choose the training you need. In particular, you can contact the professional organization in your sector.

  • A request for approval must be sent before the start of your training at the FAFCEA.

  • Your request is studied by the FAFCEA, and subject to its admissibility, it will financially support all or part of your training.

  • After your training, the FAFCEA reimburses all or part of the financial cost on presentation of supporting documents.

For more information, you can contact your Professional Organization
  • You can consult their website:

  • Write to them: FAFCEA – 14 rue Chapon – CS81234 – 75139 Paris Cedex 03

  • Join them on: 01 53 01 05 22

  • Email:

Training funding

Aesthetic training   can be financed by organizations.

Finance your training   by the Pôle Emploi, the FAFCEA or the OPCOs.

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