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REPLAY TOTAL 2021 upgrade
Lips and Eyebrows

€ 430.00
Request this e-larning from Pole Formation via the button at the bottom: 👇 

Lesson 1
- correct hand position
- control of angles and depth
- universal techniques
- Russian sheer techniques 
- covering and camouflaging techniques
- 1st live "the gesture & the techniques".

Lesson 2 
live "how to understand and choose the right device for you.  types of devices, cables, power supplies ".

Lesson 3
live "what type of needles to choose according to the shading area, needles, type of needles"

Lesson 4
live "how to choose pigments. How to read pigments? Minerals, Hybrids or Organic?  Golden Rules of Pigmentology ". 

Lesson 5
live "How to understand skin tone? How to choose the right pigment. How to correct toned colors. Colorimetry. Compound colorimetry. Detat or resume"?

Lesson 6
live "anesthetics
- conditional and absolute contraindications. Complicated cases "

Lesson 7 
-  drawing management.
- the shading session from A to Z
- Final Live "The rules of Post care" Questions - Answers.
Designed for dermographers already practicing who wish to solidify their knowledge in the most effective techniques of shading, colorimetry and pigmentology. 

Detailed demonstrations + 7 private lives (the whole, including the lives, will be available in Replay in unlimited for 60 days)

Complete course concentrated online eyebrow and lip refresher + colorimetry in replay. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY
Pack of courses in Replay with access to videos for 1 month. LEARNING CERTIFICATE WILL BE ISSUED.

To get access, leave your first and last name and desired e-learning via the button below:

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